Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lost Chapter (contains spoliers!!)

I happend across this chapter the other day while looking through some old notebooks. I figured i would share it with ya'll!


(author's note: listen to Robert Pattinson's "I was Broken" and/or "Let Me Sign" while reading, to add some deepness to the words. @

“It’s been three months since his accident. His condition has not changed at all, meaning he is not any worse, but he is not any better. We are concerned that there is nothing left for us to do.”
“You are suggesting that we pull the plug on my grandson! You want him to die!” Josh’s grandmother was beyond a normal state now. She had collapsed to the floor and was sobbing uncontrollably. “He is all I have left! You cannot let him die!”
“He may not die off life support. He may make it. It depends on how strong his body is. He may be able to support himself. We just don’t know.” The doctor helped Josh’s grandmother off the floor and helped her over to a chair. His eyes were very grim, even through his hopeful demeanor. “I will let you think about it and then come back for your decision. But think about this, you are not doing Josh any good by leaving him on life support. The longer he stays on it, the less of a chance he has of surviving off of it. It is, like I said before, your choice,” he smiled at her. “I’ll be back.”
The doctor turned to walk out of the room, leaving us alone with Josh. I turned to look at him, but stopped myself. It hurt me to look at him so pale and still in the bed. He had been so full of life, so vibrant. Now, he was so lifeless; there was just his body, with no spirit. To me, Josh was already dead.

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  1. Wow, that was intense!

    I understand the vampire thing, but I would like for Elizabeth to be more sympathetic about Josh's condition.