Wednesday, September 16, 2009


How should Josh and Elizabeth meet??
I hate how I have it in my book, so I am thinking about trashing it and starting over..

Anyone have any thoughts??

Please and thank you!!


  1. Hmm. Well, how do you have them meeting now? It might help to know.

    I gather from this part from your last chapter:

    "“Did you ever hear the story about my near death experience when I was little?”
    “Yes, you fell out of a tree and were in the hospital for a long time. Am I right?”
    “That is the story that my agent put out to the press so my fans wouldn’t know the truth. We, my agent and I, were afraid that if my fans knew the truth that I would never be successful in my acting career.”"

    that Josh is a famous actor? (which is why Elizabeth 'knew' about his childhood?) That's the other thing I need to know, before I can say anything helpful-- why is he traveling with Elizabeth? Did he just get tired of his acting life, and need a break?

    plz explain k thnx :D then if I can think of anything interesting I will gladly suggest it.

  2. You hit the Josh thing right on the head..
    He is a famous actor, who wanted a break..

    Um.. I currently have them meeting in a cafe in New York City, but hummm... maybe I should post it and you can read it yourself.. lol