Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally, another blog!!

Another excerpt.. Enjoy!!

“So how bad is he?” Chloe asked me. Chloe had been there when Josh got hurt. In fact if it weren’t for her talking to Josh and keeping him awake until we reached the hospital, Josh would probably be in a lot worse condition than he was now.

“Well, you know that when he fell he took most of the impact on his back and when he moved himself into my lap, he messed his back up worse. There is a good chance that Josh will never walk again.” I had to stop to try to swallow back the bile that was coming up from my stomach. “He also broke both of his arms and legs, but they should heal. He has some broken ribs and his pelvis is broken. He had to be catheterized so he can use the restroom.” I stopped again, but this time I was fighting the urge to cry and I didn’t want to cry anymore. “His condition is not improving. He sleeps most of the day and when he is not sleeping, he moans in pain. He is in a lot of pain, so he is heavily medicated.”

“Is he awake right now?” she asked me with her eyes full of concern.

“When I left his room to come meet you, he wasn’t. He may have woken up since then though.”

“Is there anything else that I should know before I go in?”

“Yes, there is. His hair had to be completely shaved off of his face and head so the doctors could treat the wounds that Josh had there. It might be a little shocking at first, but he is still Josh, in body and in his mind. He’s just not all there now, but the doctors said that he would probably recover from that.” In my head I silently added, so they hope. But hope can only bring someone so far and I am past the point of hoping for Josh to get better. Josh needs a miracle to get better now.

“Ok, well I guess I’ll go in now. I hope that I can handle it,” Chloe said as she turned the knob to open the door that led to Josh’s room.

I didn’t dare follow Chloe into Josh’s room, for fear of what her face would look like when she actually saw with her own eyes how bad Josh’s condition was. That’s when I heard Josh’s scream.

“Josh, what’s wrong!” I screamed as I ran into his room. “Are you ok? Josh, answer me!”

“He’s here! He’s here!” Josh was shouting as I ran back into the room.

“Who’s here, Josh?!” Chloe was standing over him with his grandmother on the other side of him.

“Tell me who’s here, Josh,” his grandmother said pointedly. “Tell me.”

His face went pale, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he began to shake ever so slightly.

“Josh!” Chloe screamed, tears running down her face. “I can’t stay here; I have to go,” and Chloe was gone.

“He’s here in this room!” Josh was still screaming as he came to again.

“Josh, look at me,” I said. I felt very protective of him in that instant. Something was very wrong with Josh; it was like someone had taken over his whole body. Every inch of his body was shaking uncontrollably now and tears were flowing down his cheeks. “Josh, who is in this room?” I could feel the fear in his thoughts.

I used my newfound abilities to search every nook and cranny of Josh’s room to find the source of his distress, but everything was quite within the room besides Josh’s constant screams. I decided then to use my abilities to check within Josh conscious to try to find the possible cause of his stress when a nurse with long, curly blond hair appeared in the doorway carrying a syringe full of medication.

She glided over to Josh’s bed and took his arm, the one with the tubes, and stuck the syringe into the tube, ejected the medication and walked away without saying a word. Josh’s body and screams began to work almost immediately as the medication made its way through Josh’s body.

“Elizabeth, I’m scared,” he whispered.

“I know, Josh. I am, too.” I reached down to wipe his tears away. He smiled up at me as his eyelids began to droop closed.

“I love you, Elizabeth.”

“I love you, too.” I pulled the covers over Josh. “Just rest now, Josh. Everything is ok now,” I said a little too late because Josh was already asleep with his hands across his chest.

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