Sunday, October 16, 2011

This is my challenge piece

Here is the piece that I came up with for the previous challenge post.. I hope y'all enjoy it. (And PLEASE comment!)

Peace and Love.

“The Little Red Monkey”
            Once there was a red monkey. No he does not have a name. But he does have a story; it’s happy and sad.
            This little red monkey was a know it all, never listening to people who were older than him. They would warn him not to do stupid things: chew your bananas before you swallow them, never throw your poop at the humans, and always pay attention to street signs.
            “Yea, yea, yea,” the little red monkey would say, rolling his eyes in a typical young monkey fashion (young monkeys, you see, act very similar to human kids.. well at least in this story).
            One day the little red monkey went for a ride on his bike. He went out to the busy, bustling city, which was full of people on this day. The little red monkey was super fast on his bike, speeding around turns and nearly running over tourists; they had to scatter a few times to get out of the way.
            “Slow down, little red monkey!” the older monkeys and even the humans would say. The little red monkey just laughed and increased his speed.
            He was having so much fun that he didn’t even notice the speed limit sign that said “15 mph”. The little red monkey laughed and laughed, until he got to the train tracks; again he was having so much fun that he didn’t even see the sign that said “STOP HERE WHEN FLASHING”. And he didn’t see the train.
No one knows what happened to the little red monkey. Some say that he died, right then and there; others say that he’s a ghost that now haunts the train tracks and the passing trains; still, others say that he was never really alive, that he was a vampire from the start.
I personally believe that he is a vampire monkey ghost. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

© Natalie Davis 2011

A challenge for you, my dears

My dears, I have a challenge for you.. I challenge you to pick a picture from the following and write something (whatever you want.. poem, short story, ect.)

Once you have written your piece, put it in the comment section.. There's no prize. This is strictly for fun.
(And yes, you can do as many as you want! Or you can combine different pictures and make a longer piece!)

So get writing, y'all!!

Peace and Love.

Photo 1
"Stop Here"

Photo 2 
"The Vampire Ghost"

Photo 3
"The Powder Puff"

Photo 4
"The Street Sign"

Photo 5
"Peek-a-boo with a Monkey"

Monday, October 10, 2011

Change in content

Okay, my dears, after some thinking, I have decided to change things up on my blog..

If you noticed the header at the top, it has changed.. This is a quote that I tell my little cousin all the time..

"You can find inspiration everywhere and anywhere.. You just have to get out there and find it."

This quote describes this blog... Originally mostly about my writing, I have decided not only to include my personal writing projects, but some from other writers that have touched me, as well as things that I find inspiring and the adventures that I have along the way to find them..

Not only this, but I hope to inspire someone else to do something; whether it is writing like me or whatever the passion a person may have, I hope the things posted from this point on inspires someone.

I hope, my dears, that this proves to be interesting to you... And stay tuned because you never know what or when I'll be posting next..

I have also changed the settings on this page so anyone can comment on it (and you can remain anonymous if you'd like).. So COMMENT!! I like getting feed back!!

Peace and love, my dears. {Peace and love}

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quick update..

I am going to do a quick update of what is going on.. I am going to being taking on a kind of tough challenge.. I am participating in the "novel in a month" thing for the month of November.. The goal is a 50,000 word novel written in the span from November 1st to December 1st..

We are not allowed to start until November 1st.. I do however have to come up with the idea.. And plot it out..

 The problem with this is.. I have never finished a novel before.. Y'all know that I have started one (circa 2008) and still haven't finished it.. In fact, I have started rewriting it.. So that kind of messed me up..

I am hoping that I am not taking on more than I can handle.. I am in college, taking 18 hours, and I have to work some nights and weekends..So I don't know how much of this is actually possible..


Well, my dears, this is it for this entry.. If you want, feel free to leave stuff in the comments..

 Peace and love, my dears. Peace and love.