Saturday, March 12, 2011

another one..

This is something else I've wrote lately..

“The Fire”
Breathing slowly the fire subsides
                Enough to where I can breathe again
I suck in a breath, letting it fill me up
                Making me feel whole again
                Making me feel alive

But it’s short lived

The fire eventually returns
                Sucking the life out of me
                Making it hard to breathe

I try to find him
                His cool embrace
But I can’t feel anything but the fire

I hope he isn’t being engulfed by
                The flames
I hope he’s safe, away from the fire

again it's been a while

I know, I haven't kept up with this. Here's one of the poems I've written recently.

“The Angel”

He has to be an angel
I’m almost certain
Though I’m sure he doesn’t 
Feel the same way
About himself
He doesn’t see the beauty
Inside himself that
We all see
He’s blind to his own
Unique perfection
To whom he truly is on the inside

A sweet, beautiful angel