Thursday, September 10, 2009

for the peeps who want to read the book..

Here is a rough copy of the first two pages!!


Every great story has a beginning and this is mine. I really guess I can say that this is the beginning of the end, the end of everything.
I never really thought that any of this was possible or if I did, somewhere in my subconscious, I never thought it would happen to me in this small crappy town that I called home. Now that I was faced with my death and the death of the only guy that I have ever truly loved I realized that this was inevitable. Not only did I realize this, but also that my freakish nightmares of the past few months were warning me that this was going to be my fate; I would die beside the love of my life, and that this death would be slow and painful. My life had changed forever because of him. Before him, I just felt like I was going to cave in on myself. I felt like I was going to lose myself forever and that my world was going to come crashing down around me without anything to stop it. The feeling of helplessness was so unbearable and I could not find anyway out, there was one way, which was unthinkable, but I considered it. I knew how bad it would hurt my friends and family, but at the time I thought it was the only way. It was like this for a long time until he came into my life and changed it forever.
I turned to look at him at the exact same time he turned to look at me. He smiled the smile that I loved so much, and even in the face of death it reached all the way up to his eyes; his face was totally lit up.
“I love you,” he whispered. “I will love you forever.”
“I love you, too.” I replied. “Forever.”
Then he took my hand and we turned to face our fate together knowing that this would be the last time that we would see each other in this life. Our lives, at least on earth, were over.


  1. this is subject to change as things come to be

  2. What a great beginning to start a novel. It makes sense and keeps me wanting more.