Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Listen" by Laurie Halse Anderson

I found this poem in the book "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson.. This poem really speaks to me.. I don't know why.. But I find it interesting in the way that it flows, the way that it is formatted.. Maybe it is because it IS different than anything that we are currently studying in my Modern Poetry class in college or maybe there's something more.. As I said before, I have no idea why I like it so much.. 


Regardless, I chose to share it with you, my dears.. First, I included a copy of the poem.. Second, if you click on the first link, it will bring you to a video of the writer explaining the poem and what her inspiration to write this poem was..

And, now my dears, I give you.. 



You write to us
from Houston, Brooklyn, Peoria,
Rye, NY,
LA, DC, Everyanywhere USA to
 my mailbox, My
Space Face
A livejournal of bffs whispering
Onehundredthousand whispers to
Melinda and

I was raped, too
sexually assaulted in seventh
tenth grade, the summer after
at a party
i was 16
i was 14
i was 5 and he did it for three
i loved him
i didn’t even know him.
He was my best friend’s brother,
my grandfather, father, mommy’s
my date
my cousin
my coach
i met him for the first time that
night and —
four guys took turns, and  —
i’m a boy and this happened to
 me, and  —

… I got pregnant I gave up my
daughter for adoption …
did it happen to you, too?
U 2?

i wasn’t raped, but
my dad drinks, but
i hate talking, but
my brother was shot, but
i am outcast, but
my parents split up, but
i am clanless, but
we lost our house, but
i have secrets – seven years of secrets
and i cut
myself my friends cut
we all cut cut cut
to let out the pain

… my 5-year-old cousin was
raped –
he’s beginning to act out now …
do you have suicidal thoughts?
do you want to kill him?

Melinda is a lot like this girl I
No she’s a lot like
i am MelindaSarah
i am MelindaRogelio i am MelindaMegan, MelindaAmberMelindaStephenTori
it keeps hurting, but
this book cracked my shell
it keeps hurting I hurt, but
but your book cracked my shell.

I cried when I read it.
I laughed when I read it
is that dumb?
I sat with the girl —
you know,  that girl —
I sat with her because nobody sits with
her at lunch
and I’m a cheerleader, so there.

speak changed my life
cracked my shell
made me think
about parties
gave me
wings this book
opened my mouth
i whispered, cried
rolled up my sleeves i
hate talking but
I am trying.

You made me remember who I

P.S. Our class is gonna analyze this thing to death.
Me: weeping

Peace and Love, my dears. Peace and love. 


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