Friday, September 23, 2011

A new poem...

Hey guys.. It's been a while.. I'm keeping up in school for once.. And I finally know when I will graduate with my BA in creative writing (one more year after this semester!!)

I had an awesome summer!! I worked as an extra in a movie (21 Jump Street.. Due out sometime next year).. I followed my favorite band (yes.. 100 Monkeys) through 2 states and went to 4 shows and a party.. I got to visit my godchildren for a few days.. Even started looking into grad schools.

The only thing that I did not do this summer was write.. Well not as much as I planned to at the beginning of summer.. But I guess a lot of things changed once my beloved grandmother died in May from pancreatic cancer.. It seems like I kind of lost the will to write over the summer once that happened.

But never fear.. I have found the will to start again.. It just took me a little while.. I am currently working on another copy of my screenplay (my computer decided to be a big, fat meanie to me and corrupt the program file that I use to type my screenplays, so of course now I can't get to it..) But the copy that I am working on now... IT IS SO MUCH BETTER!!! I am in love with what I have now, even though it is only the first scene.. Now the only thing is how am I, a simple college student, going to get this movie produced? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see..

This brings me back to the title of this blog.. "A New Poem"..

I found this poem the other day and I thought I would share it with y'all... And, yes, this is an original poem that I wrote...


Chances are scary
And there is one that
I’m afraid to take

I can’t decide
If it’s worth it
I can’t decide
That if it’s worth
The possible heartbreak

He’ll probably break my heart
Unintentional, of course
Since I still think he’s an angel
He’d never do it on purpose

At least I hope he wouldn’t

But should I take
The chance on him?                     
Let him know how I
Feel about him?

Chances are hard to take
And this one has the
Ability to change my life

© Natalie Davis 2011

That's all for now guys.. I'll try to post more often.

Peace and Love! 

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