Monday, October 10, 2011

Change in content

Okay, my dears, after some thinking, I have decided to change things up on my blog..

If you noticed the header at the top, it has changed.. This is a quote that I tell my little cousin all the time..

"You can find inspiration everywhere and anywhere.. You just have to get out there and find it."

This quote describes this blog... Originally mostly about my writing, I have decided not only to include my personal writing projects, but some from other writers that have touched me, as well as things that I find inspiring and the adventures that I have along the way to find them..

Not only this, but I hope to inspire someone else to do something; whether it is writing like me or whatever the passion a person may have, I hope the things posted from this point on inspires someone.

I hope, my dears, that this proves to be interesting to you... And stay tuned because you never know what or when I'll be posting next..

I have also changed the settings on this page so anyone can comment on it (and you can remain anonymous if you'd like).. So COMMENT!! I like getting feed back!!

Peace and love, my dears. {Peace and love}

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