Monday, December 5, 2011

An update..

I know I haven't been around a lot lately... So here is my update...

The National Novel Writing Month thing didn't happen this year.. The first day started strong.. I wrote a few pages, with the intent to write more the day after.. That never happened.. And two days after I started NaNo, I was on a plane off to Los Angeles with my mom.. So needless to say, I did not write anything for the 4 days I was in LA..

LA was freaking amazing.. We went to Hollywood, Santa Monica, the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd.. The whole trip was amazing.. I got to see the sights I have always wanted to see, hang out with a monkey (he even took pictures with us), and.... I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM WITH ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!

That's right.. I went to the Breaking Dawn part 1 convention.. I'm one of those people and I'm damn proud of it..

 I still have no idea how I was able to convince my mom and dad of this, but it happened.. It was amazing!

Not only did I get to see Rob, I got to see Kristen, Taylor, Jackson, Ashley, Peter, and Elizabeth! (For those of you who don't know.. Edward, Bella, Jacob, Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, and Esme!) Yes.. I know what you are thinking.. "You've already met Jackson.. Why would you be so excited?" Well.. I met Jackson through his band ( I have never seen him in person when he is promoting  Twilight.. It was a different experience to see him act with his fellow cast members instead of the guys in the band..

The whole truth of me going to LA was not just to see the people in Twilight.. I wanted to go somewhere new.. To experience new things.. This was my first trip to LA and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it..

But the icing on the cake was meeting BooBoo Stewart (he plays Seth Clearwater in the saga).. He was so sweet and signed autographs for me.. Even gave me a hug.. That was really cool..

So after I got back from LA, I had tons of papers due for school, so that took away from my NaNo writing time.. Amongst this, I still had my babysitting job and I got casted as an extra for a movie... Then, on the Friday before Thanksgiving, while I am trying to print out my 7 page paper on 17th century English poets, my computer crashed.. I mean flat out dead.. I freaked.. Needless to say..

Thankfully the people at the computer place SAVED MY PAPER!!! So that was a good thing.. They kept the computer for a few days while I went to work on the set of my new movie....

Work was crazy that day.. My call time was 5 am and the set was about 2 hours away, so.. I woke up that Monday morning at 2:30 am and got dressed.. Was out of my house by 3:15 am.. And at set by 5:30 am..

We really didn't start filming until about 9 am that morning and boy... That was a long shoot.. In the sun.. In sweat pants, long sleeved shirt, and a sweater.. Sweating like a pig...

I was, however, less than a foot away from Will Ferrell.. Which just made the whole day worth it..

The next day, they called and said my computer was fixed.. Well, they thought they fixed it.. About 30 minutes after getting home with my computer, it crashed.. Again.. And since it was a holiday week, I couldn't bring my computer back to the people until the following Tuesday..

I still don't have my computer.. I am using my mom's to finish off this semester (which ends on Wednesday!!) I have 3 more final exams and then I AM DONE!!!

Good news is that the movie people contacted me again and offered me another job.. Guess I'll be in for another long day on the set next week!! But I am looking forward to it..

I also plan on watching a lot of movies over this holiday and write a lot.. I have already started writing, so be prepared guys.. Lots of posts will be happening..

This post is long.. I thank each and every one of you that actually sat down and read this whole thing..

If I could stay awake, I would post pictures from LA.. But I can't keep my eyes open anymore.. So I'll sign off for now..

Goodnight, my loves.

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