Friday, April 29, 2011

The Creature

Once there was a strange zoo. No it wasn’t magical; no unicorns, no dragons, no werewolves, no vampires. It wasn’t the creatures that were strange; they were regular animals that one might expect to see there. Monkeys. Lions. Bears. No there was nothing unusual about the appearance of the creatures themselves, but their behaviors were a different story.
It was the animals’ behaviors that made this zoo strange. One instance stands out in all of the zookeepers’ minds; the day that the half monkey-half cockatoo was born.
This combination should never have been. Two different species, both seemingly male, made an offspring; an offspring that shocked anyone who has ever seen it. He had the head of a monkey, wings of a cockatoo, and a really freaky tail.
“What an odd creature,” the visitors would say.
“He’s the oddest creature we have ever had.”
“He most certainly is,” the visitors would respond, walking away to the next exhibit, shaking their heads.
They named the creature Jay.

© 2011 Natalie Davis

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